PORTLAND -- The annual list of the 20 Worst Charities Soliciting in Oregon was released Tuesday, and Michigan-based Law Enforcement Education Program topped the list for the second year in a row.

Charitable organizations should spend no more than 35 percent of their funds on fundraising and administration, said Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. The other 65 percent should go toward charitable program activities.

Most charities operate within the recommended range, but the '20 Worst' list highlights nonprofits that spend less than 30 percent of the funds they raise on the charity they claim to support.

Law Enforcement Education Program only spent about 3.1 percent of funds it raised on its mission of providing educational programs for the law enforcement community, Rosenblum said.

The Department of Justice released a Wise Giving Brochure to help people donate without fear of being scammed. The No. 1 tip: Only give to charities registered with the DOJ.

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Here's the list of the 20 Worst (and how much they spend on charitable causes):

  1. Law Enforcement Education Program (3.1%)
  2. Shiloh International Ministries (3.4%)
  3. Firefighters Support Foundation (6.6%)
  4. Firefighters Charitable Foundation, Inc. (7.8%)
  5. The Wishing Well Foundation (10%)
  6. National Vietnam Veterans Foundation (11.1%)
  7. Committee for Missing Children (12.4%)
  8. Woman to Woman Breast Cancer Foundation (13.9%)
  9. Disabled Police Officers Counseling Center, Inc (14.6%)
  10. National Association of Police and Lay Charities (14.7%)
  11. Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (15.8%)
  12. Dakota Indian Foundation (18%)
  13. Disabled Police Officers of America, Inc. (18.3%)
  14. Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth (18.3%)
  15. United American Patriots, Inc. (21.3%)
  16. National Veterans Service Fund (22.5%)
  17. National Cancer Center, Inc. (23.3%)
  18. Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation, Inc. (25.5%)
  19. Caring for Our Children Foundation (25.5%)
  20. Survivors and Victims Empowered (29.6%)

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Well-informed donors can avoid supporting nonprofits that spend little on their charitable missions, Rosenblum said.

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