PORTLAND -- Sonia Manhas took issue with how former Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen characterized the affair that cost both their jobs, according to newly released documents from the state Department of Justice investigation.

Twenty of Cogen's former colleagues were questioned by the DOJ about the affair. Manhas left her job last July as the county's health and planning director. Cogen dug in his heels but ended up resigning in early September.

Investigation transcripts released Tuesday revealed that the pair kept in touch after their affair became public in mid-July, ending all contact at the end of the month when Cogen told Manhas his lawyer told him to stop.

Just 2 weeks ago, you were telling me that you were about to talk to (Cogen's wife) about making more time for us and then days later, you're on TV telling the world I was a stupid mistake, Manhas wrote in late July.

Cogen replied, I was deluding myself, in thinking that it was OK to have a wife and a girlfriend. It might have worked in the hippy days or in the books I read, but in real life it created pain and agony and devastation.

The DOJ transcripts also show that Michael Hanna, president of a county worker's union, gave Cogen his unconditional support after the affair became public. He said the AFSCME would endorse Cogen in a re-election bid.

Last week the DOJreleased its first set of documents, in which Manhas explained how the affair began. Cogen declined to cooperate in the investigation.

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