VANCOUVER -- Mail thieves have been targeting the Hazel Dell and Salmon Creek areas.

Up to 75 boxes have been pried open in the area within the past couple of weeks, according to a U.S. postal inspector.

The people taking the mail could be looking for checks to cash. They could also use financial information to steal money and identities.

One neighborhood resident said her mailbox has a new, better lock that a neighbor installed for her. Her mail was ripped off recently, and she can t imagine who would do it.

I don t know what they re after, really, said Jean DeGrenier. I don t know if their idea is to get credit card numbers or checks or what. Or just for the fun of it? I don t know.

But she does know it is frustrating.

According to U.S. postal inspector Dennis Fernald, there are people of interest in the case and investigators are closing in. But in the meantime, watch your mailbox and report any problems to the post office and to police.

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