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PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Oregon Zoo asked for the public's help Thursday in the naming a new baby river otter.

The male baby otter was born on Nov. 8. Now the zoo wants the public to vote on one of three possible names for the furry little fellow.

A lot of the animals here get their names from nations or cultures associated with the species' native habitats, said Julie Christie, senior keeper for the zoo's North America area. For the river otters, we like to choose names based on local waterways.

The otter pup's mother, Tilly, was named after the Tillamook River.

The three name choices are:

  • Trask, after the Trask River which empties into Tillamook Bay.
  • Zigzag (Ziggy), after the 12-mile-long tributary of the Sandy that flows down Mount Hood.
  • Willamette, or Willy for short.

You can vote on the names HERE and the new name will be announced Friday, Dec. 20.

Hova Najarian of the Oregon Zoo said Tilly s first baby boy, named Mo (short for Molalla), was born in January and that it's rare for a river otter to produce more than one offspring.

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Mother and pup are currently in a maternity den and Najarian said it would be another month before they will be on public display at the zoo s Cascade Stream and Pond habitat. After the new pup comes out of the den, Tilly will have to teach him to swim.

A video of Tilly teaching Mo to swim (see below) drew more than half a million views on the zoo s YouTube channel, Hajarian said.

Above, photos of new baby and Tilly teaching Mo to swim.

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