PORTLAND The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has suspended the liquor license of a Portland nightclub that was the scene of a deadly weekend shooting. The OLCC cited a series of persistent and serious problems in announcing its decision.

Three people were shot outside the Fontaine Bleau nightclub early Saturday morning. Durieul Harris, 30, died of his injuries. Two others were also hit, but expected to live.

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Just last month, police met with the nightclub s owner to discuss ongoing problems. And, according to the report, security guards at the club have even told police they were concerned for their safety.

Police responding to the Saturday shooting found a hostile environment.

Very hostile crowd -- people saying things like, you know, shoot the cops, and they were trying to secure the scene so they called for a city-wide Code 3 response, which means every available car in the city should respond to that area, said Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau.

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Cell phone video captured the chaotic scene inside the club shortly after gunfire erupted. The OLCC report said that a fight that started inside the club spilled outside, and that s when the shooting happened.

But the owner of the nightclub said he feels he s being unfairly targeted. Skipper Osborne, a civil rights advocate who is working with the owner, said: How are you going to hold him responsible? He warned the people and he frisked the people when they came in.

The owner noted that the shooting took place outside his business, not in the nightclub, and he said he plans to appeal the liquor license suspension.

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