PORTLAND -- Their real job is working on motorcycles. But now people all over the world know them for working a heel.

Arun Sharma is the general manager of the Ducati dealership in Portland. Last year, he came up with an innovative idea for a calendar to show off the company s latest motorcycle. He d still have the typical female model in sexy poses but would also have a photo next to her of one of the dealership s male technicians matching her moves.

Photos: The Portland (male) take on the Ducati calendar

I couldn t have dreaded that more, said burly parts manager Miles English. He is Mr. March and is wearing a black leather jacket with lycra short-shorts. Red high heels complete the ensemble. I just thought I was going to look ridiculous and that turned out to be the point, and it was hilarious.

A.J. Ralston is the head technician for Ducati in Portland. He is featured in the month of August in a black micro mini dress, perched on his hands and knees on the back of the bike.

It was a nice hot day so there was plenty of sweat, slipping around, so I almost fell off, Ralston said.

The general manager had each employee pick his pose from a hat. Of course, they look absurd. And since the photos have now been shared on popular international news sites like CNN and Huffington Post, some have wondered if there s a larger, feminist point to be learned from the experience.

What we learned is that women are better looking than men. We don t look so good, Arun Sharma said. The men seem content to allow others to do the interpreting.

For now, they re enjoying the fun that comes with the recognition and what little perks that could bring. As Mr. March said, I m hoping that shortly, maybe after this, I will be able to walk into a burrito place and maybe get free burritos.

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