BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Two men and a woman were arrested in one of the largest counterfeit credit card busts in Beaverton history, police said.

Authorities including the US Secret Service seized 200 counterfeit credit cards, gift cards and fake driver's licenses.

Police arrested Daviel Brown, 28, Robert Lee Brown, 35, and Blake Littles, 23, all of California, after the Best Buy on Southwest Cascade Avenue reported a fraud involving a counterfeit credit card, said Mike Rowe of the Beaverton Police Department.

Police also recovered merchandise they believe was purchased with fake credit cards, $5,000.00 in cash, a credit card embosser, and an electronic credit card encoder from the suspect's car during the Oct. 21 arrest, Rowe said.

Investigators believe the suspects would steal people's credit card numbers and then make fake cards with the stolen numbers and names. Suspects would then buy things at stores like Best Buy and Nordstrom and then return the items for cash, or sell them for cash.

No matter what its profit for them, said Rowe. It didn't cost them anything to get the items to begin with.

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All suspects were charged with ID theft and were being held on $250,000 bail.

Police said they've investigated about a half-dozen fraudulent credit card cases in the last six months.

This investigation is a reminder of how important it is for all of us to do everything we can to protect our identity, said Rowe.

He advised residents to shred all documents with personal information, check with credit card reporting agencies yearly and monitor their bank and credit card accounts for unusual activity.

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