PORTLAND -- A custodian at Madison High School in Portland has filed a sex harassment complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries alleging he was unfairly transferred after breaking off a sexual relationship with the school s vice principal.

Custodian Jamaal Winchester, 33, said after the breakup in February with Liz Wilson, she filed a restraining order against him, and that he was transferred to a different school where his working hours were reduced.

According to an affidavit released to KGW, Winchester and Wilson dated in January of 2013. Wilson became angry when Winchester began to rekindle his relationship with the mother of his children, documents said.

Winchester told Wilson he wanted the two to be just friends, documents said. Winchester claimed Wilson continued to confront him, sometimes using excessive profanity and that she called and texted him on a daily basis asking him to reconsider.

In March, Wilson submitted a baseless and retaliatory application for a restraining order' against Winchester, documents said. Later that month, Winchester was transferred to Grant High School, where his work schedule dropped from 60 to 40 hours a week.

In retaliation for my rejecting her advances she applied for a restraining order and had me removed from the building, said Winchester in the document.

In April the restraining order against Winchester was dismissed. But he was again transferred, this time, to the Portland Public School Administration Building.

Winchester claimed that it was widely understood among co-workers that 'problem' employees are placed there.

Winchester claimed Wilson created a hostile work environment and that she retaliated against him in a way that resulted in lost revenue.

The affidavit was filed June 5.

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