PORTLAND -- The Port of Portland will begin exporting vehicles to China for the first time ever, starting in a few weeks.

Auto Warehousing Company's facility recently received full approval from the Chinese government to ship an estimated 30,000 Ford vehicles. AWC will be hiring up to 50 people immediately at its Terminal 6 facility to process vehicles and prepare them for market.

We are proud to be serving as the primary gateway for exports of new Fords to China and furthering our mission to provide access to international markets, said Bill Wyatt, executive director for the Port of Portland. This new business will provide local jobs and economic benefits, but also fulfills a national role for Ford vehicles manufactured in plants throughout North America.

A $2.8 million project to expand the processing building and increase capacity to more than 110,000 vehicles annually is already almost complete.

Portland is already the second largest auto import gateway on the U.S. West Coast and fifth largest in the nation.

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