PORTLAND --A group of World War II veterans are heading to Washington D.C. later this week despite the fact the government shutdown may keep them from seeing some monuments.

In all, 50 veterans from Oregon are headed to Washington D.C. Friday, including Einar Skovbo, 89, of Junction City. He s all packed and ready to go. His honor flight has been in the works for months and is paid for by donations, but admits there s some uncertainty.

Tuesday, a similar group of honor flight veterans were blocked from seeing the monument erected in their honor. The veterans eventually got in after barricades were moved, but many Oregon veterans wonder what will happen when they get there.

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I don't see any reason for having barricades around something like that, said veteran Carl Nielson. For me it doesn't make much sense.

Wednesday, the Republican National Committee announced it would pay to keep the World War II Memorial open for 30 days. Democrats described that as a political ploy.

The White House said accommodations are being made for veterans to visit the memorial during the shutdown.

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