PORTLAND -- A day after getting drenched while moving a historic home in North Portland, movers got a bit of a break Wednesday as they tried to place the house into its final position.

Movers put the home on tracks so that they could spin the house around and place the front door in the right direction.

This comes after a short move on Tuesday that ended up taking a long time. The house spent most of the day traveling 1.9 miles along North Mississippi Avenue to its new spot on North Michigan.

Roy Fox bought the house and paid for the move.

Backstory: Historic house gets new home in N.Portland

Fox said he worked with multiple city agencies and utility companies to let neighbors know about the move. But some, like Summer Cranford, hadn t heard about it and said it was a major inconvenience.

It definitely seemed absurd that they would shut down my street for the night, Cranford said. We couldn't park on the street. They trimmed all the trees in our neighborhood that were old, big trees and took down the power lines just to move a house.

Now that crews have finished positioning the home, Fox said they'll spend the next couple months putting the foundation in. They hope to have it in place by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It will still need a major home renovation after that.

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