VANCOUVER, Wash. Less fresh produce will be delivered from Oregon to hungry families in Clark County because a key food program is being discontinued across state lines.

The Oregon Food Bank is ending its Harvest Share program into Washington State because the Clark County Food Bank has grown and is now designated as a regional food bank.

Although it remains part of the Oregon Food Bank network, it means it must fend for itself in more ways. Several food pantries in Clark County will no longer get truckloads of fresh produce once a month as a result.

The Interfaith Treasure House has received a delivery of up to 5,000 lbs. of produce on the third Tuesday of the month for eight years, according to longtime Executive Director Nancy Wilson. The food bank she runs is down to a few apples and onions from their final truckload of Harvest Share produce.

It s too bad that we re losing a vital part of our program. A big chunk of our food that the residents really depend on, said Wilson.

The Executive Director of the Clark County Food Bank said it's trying to make up the loss of Harvest Share by working with more farms, grocery stores and other providers for donations.

The Clark County Food Bank Distributed more than 5 million lbs. of food last year. The Oregon Food Bank provided more than 1 million lbs. of it. The two food banks continue to work together in may ways.

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