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SALEM A man who lives out in the country near Salem has been getting visits from an unwanted intruder.

At first, Jim Leonard didn t know what was tearing up his newly re-seeded thick lawn at his home in the Macleay area.

My law was looking better than ever, he said. But now it looks like it was torn up with a rototiller or something.

First, Leonard and his wife thought it might be raccoons or possums doing all the damage, but on Saturday morning, Leonard s wife spotted a small pig in their yard digging up the grass.

When Leonard tried to confront the pig, it took off toward his neighbor s house.

Then, when he spoke with the neighbors, Leonard learned it was one of two month-old pigs that had recently escaped from a home a couple miles away.

Leonard contacted pig's owners, who already had a flier up looking for him, and told them he would call as soon as the pig returns.

He s been around our yard for a few days, Leonard said. I got a feeling he ll be back though.

Although Leonard was frustrated to see his beautiful lawn torn up, the wildlife photography hobbyist couldn't help but remark how cute the animal was.

He even snapped a few photos and shot video of the beast as it tore up his lawn.

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