CANBY, Ore. -- A plan for healthy living that might work for your family is taking hold in Canby schools. The Superintendent is asking parents to take 100 minutes a day to help kids find balance.

My goal is to get kids ready for life, said John Steach. l d like kids to exercise 40 minutes a day, learn new information 40 minutes a day, and read for 20 minutes.

He calls it 40-40-20 and came up with the idea as he considered how to deal with cuts to physical education in Canby schools.

The students get just an hour a week of what s called healthy play and Steach knows it s not enough.

The more we can make sure that kids are getting regular exercise on a daily basis, it will help the brain function and help them be able to learn, he said.

Canby parents seem to be answering the Superintendent s 40-40-20 challenge.

I thought OK what does this mean for us? Some of the goals are easy, commented Mother of four, Erika Scott.

Erika s children are active in sports, so they have the 40 minutes of exercise covered and also the 20 minutes of reading.

The boys love reading ESPN and the sports page even though that's not wonderful literature, laughed Scott.

The 40 minutes of practice or learning Scott said requires parents to be creative.

Piano lessons could be practice and learning would be reading magazines that are informative or even homework can be included. It s anything that expands a child s knowledge of the world, explained the Superintendent.

Steach has asked elementary school principals to help him implement the idea.

If parents get the idea of what their job is in 40-40-20 they could really take off with it and really build what their kids are capable of concluded, said Lee Elementary Principal Cherie Switzer.

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