PORTLAND A campaign to get a neighborhood to go pesticide free is growing, right along with the gardens. About 300 families have signed the pledge to keep chemicals out of their gardens in the Overlook neighborhood.

Mulysa Melco has always gardened naturally, and wanted more of her neighbors to join in. So she took her plan to the neighborhood association and metro, and the group ran with it.

We have people in the neighborhood that are doing this for all sorts of reasons from human health and environment to the conservation of pollinators, said Melco, who is a landscape designer and avid gardener.

She is also a mother and wants to promote a pesticide-free world for her 20-month-old son.

Neighbor Ann Forsthoefel had no problem signing the anti-pesticide pledge. She said she s always gardened that way. And she said she s not alone.

All my neighbors here garden, and all pesticide free. If the world s coming to an end you want to come up to Overlook because we could actually feed everyone here. I mean we really could, Forsthoefel said.

Melco is pleased to see the response to the pesticide-free campaign, and encourages anyone considering a natural change for their garden to give it a try.

I think a little bit of patience and tolerance for a bit of damage while you re making that transition into a more healthy balanced system- i think that s what it takes, Melco said.

You can click on the following links, for information about the Overlook Pesticide Free Zone campaign, or for information on natural gardening from Metro.

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