PORTLAND -- Nearly half of workers in the U.S. fail to negotiate their salaries. Many employees just accept the first offer, which can be a big mistake.

A survey from CareerBuilder reported by Forbes shows, no matter what you think, the chances are you should still ask. The survey found for most people it comes down to experience and gender.

Perhaps the biggest reason someone doesn't negotiate his or her salary is the economy, especially if he or she is out of work.

The survey also found many employers expect to negotiate, and they do have a hiring range for salary.

About 54 percent of men don't accept the first offer on the table compared with 49 percent of women. Age is also a factor with workers 35 and older more likely to negotiate.

If you've got something in your pocket, you're already working, moving in a different direction. You're more competitive. You've got something that they want, said Diane Boly, co-founder of recruitment agency Boly:Welch.

Boly points out there is a fine line in the process. You don't want to go too far. It may seem like you're being greedy.

She also said to do your research beforehand, so you have a good idea of what the job pays, so there are no surprises.

If the salary isn't quite what you'd like, but you'd like the job, try negotiating for additional perks like more vacation time.


KGW business reporter Joe Smith contributed to this report.

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