HILLSBORO, Ore. After more than a decade in the works, a new Kaiser hospital in Hillsboro will welcome its first patients Tuesday.

The Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center is the first new hospital in Washington County in 40 years. Ground was broken in 2009 and the building was finished last year, but it took another year to make sure all systems were operating properly.

Every floor has its own theme reflecting an aspect of the Pacific Northwest: water, forest, wild flowers, the mountains and vistas.

A video that showcases the state, and is specifically designed to calm and sooth, runs in the lobby and in patient rooms.

The idea is to create a feeling of well-being for visitors. The entire hospital has been created with input from the community, at a cost of $344 million.

It's all about patient and family-centered care, said chief medical officer Dr. Imelda Dacones. It's all we deliver care, what care we deliver. We go to the family and patient s voice.

There are 27 emergency rooms and 126 hospital beds, and all have electronic care boards to keep patients and visitors updated in real time.

The hospital is LEED Gold certified, meaning it's one of the country's most sustainable hospitals.

Click for more from Kaiser on its green commitment

The grand opening is Tuesday at 7 a.m.


KGWReporter Joe Smith contributed to this story.

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