GRESHAM, Ore -- A driver accused of ramming a group of people outside a Gresham restaurant was sentenced Tuesday to 46 months in prison.

Brad Eason, 30, was arrested after crashing into a group of 11 people outside a Shari's restaurant in Gresham on January 25, hitting four of them. There were no reports of serious injuries.

He pleaded no contest to three counts of attempted assault and one count of DUII. In addition to the 46 months in prison, he was sentenced to probation and total restitution of $173,176 for one of the victims.

His commercial driver's license was also suspended for one year.

Police said Eason and the others were ending their night at Shari's at about 4 a.m. when a fight started. He separated from the group and then got in his car and plowed into the crowd.

Background: Car rams crowd in fight at Gresham Shari's

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