PORTLAND -- Milestone birthdays often inspire big parties and one-of-a-kind trips, but Steve Marshall of Portland wanted to celebrate his 50th birthday doing something for someone else.

Marshall asked a pastor he knows if he knew anyone who needed a little help and he found the McCleary family.

Kim Dixon-McCleary has had more than her share of sorrow. Her husband died a few years ago, and last month, her son Andreas was killed in a gang shooting. Then just weeks ago, her 1-year-old granddaughter died.

On Sunday, more than 70 of Marshall's friends came together to help spruce up Dixon-McCleary's home.

The outside of the house will be painted, inside completely painted, carpets were in terrible condition, so all the carpets were torn out, generous donation of brand new carpet throughout the house, Marshall said. There's almost nothing that won't be replaced.

Marshall said it was an awesome way to spend his birthday.

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