LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. -- A Lake Oswego business owner knows the birth of the royal baby means business, but she s also celebrating because Britain is her home.

It s a boy, which is wonderful, and it s a big baby! said Moya Stephens, who has owned Lady Di s British Store and Tea Room in Lake Oswego for 13 years.

For the first time in history, there are three heirs to the throne plus a living queen, Stephens said.

Customers come for a taste of home in candy, biscuits and conversation about the royal baby.

They ve been asking me questions for quite some time now . . . like I have a hotline to the palace, she joked.

There s no hotline at Lady Di s, but Stephens does have hot tea and insight into why this baby is already so beloved.

It s a fairy tale, Stephens said. Kate the commoner meets her Prince. They dated for 10 years and they are doing things the right way.

According to Stephens, the only thing missing is the guidance and support of Princess Diana. It s hard to believe she would have been a grandmother. She s there in everybody s thoughts and she will be part of this child s life no matter what.

Stephens says it s likely to be mid August before she ll have the commemorative china marking the baby s birth for sale.

First they have to make it and then ship it the 5 thousand miles to Lake Oswego. I ll just have to rely on the patience of Brits. You know stiff upper lip and all, Stephens said with a laugh.

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