PORTLAND People who are out and about in Portland this weekend may feel like it s election season.

A new non profit will be placing red, white and blue wood podiums around town decorated with the word Politicrowd.

It s the name of a new website aimed at consolidating public opinion and getting the attention of politicians.

We re looking to make it easier for people to get their message across. So rather than a hundred people sending off a hundred letters, we get those voters on one platform, said Politicrowd creator Paul Locker.

The site will go live Monday. It capitalizes on crowdsourcing to collect data and prioritizing public opinion.

One way we think about the site is that it s a digital platform for people, said Locker. That s why we built the podiums to place in busy spots around Portland.

Signs with catchy phrases like Democracy There s an App for that are also being used to encourage people to use the site to consolidate opinions on a variety of issues.

Locker cites education as an example of a topic on the site. You get feedback from parents and teachers and the community, he said. Then it s all ranked and you can figure out what s most important to people and that s what politicians want to see.

Locker raised $10,000 to get Politicrowd started, feeding a political passion he s had since he was just eight years old.

George W. Bush came to Portland and we were in the second row, Locker said. Then, just a few years ago, I traveled to D.C. for the Obama Inauguration.

Like Locker s political interests, the website is nonpartisan.

We want this to be much more of a partnership than a once every four years you come to vote, he said. Politicrowd can make it an ongoing process.

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