On Thursday, a Seattle landmark played host to a rooftop concert for the very first time. Local grunge band Mudhoney performed on top of the Space Needle, as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of Sup Pop Records.

Sub Pop, KEXP, and the staff at the Space Needle all partnered for the event.

Well we knew about the show for a long time, that it was probably going to happen, so we had lots of time to worry about it, said band member Steve Turner. Like, okay, do we need safety harnesses? What do we need for this?

Turns out, the band did not need safety harnesses as they rocked out on the rooftop.

They did, however, admit that the scenic views surrounding them were a bit distracting.

A little bit at times, said Guy Maddison. You might've noticed a couple of mistakes! I was distracted by sailboats.

Although the five p.m. performance couldn't be heard or seen from the ground below the Space Needle, it was broadcast live on KEXP.

Visitors arriving at the Space Needle at around that time were surprised to hear about the concert taking place just above the observation deck.

I didn't know you could go higher than this, said Audra Davies, who was visiting from California. It's cool.

Sub Pop Records is credited with putting Seattle on the pop-music map with bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney. The record label continues to bring big money into Seattle to this day.

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