SALEM -- A tractor-trailer truck with crates of chickens strapped to its bed rolled in downtown Salem Tuesday morning, spilling birds onto the street.

The Signature Transport truck, carrying approximately 5,400 Foster Farms chickens, was traveling from Polk County to Kelso, Wash., when the driver crashed while trying to turn from Front Street to Commercial Street just before8 a.m.

The driver, PatriciaAguilar, 41,of Kelso,was taken to the hospital but appeared to be in good condition. A pedestrian traffic control pole was severed andsome cars at a nearby dealership were damaged.

Salem police Lt. Dave Okada said the trailer carrying the chickens tipped over and chickens were strewn around the car lot, sidewalk and road. Several of the chickens died.

Foster Farms was working to gather the chickens. Okada said the police asked the local Humane Society for help in dealing with the chickens and clearing the street.

Traffic wasbacked upfor nearly six hours while the truck was removed and the street cleaned.

Investigatorssaid they believethe crash was caused byAguilar driving too fast for the load conditions of the truck, causingit to flip over as it turned.

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