PORTLAND -- Lines have been unusually long at PDX every since the crash of flight 214 in San Francisco Saturday.

Check for delays and cancellations

Some passengers like Raymond Schnitzer from Frankfurt were diverted to Portland. The United 777 he was on, now sits on the tarmac in Portland instead of San Francisco.

I'm really not sure why we are here in Portland, but I need to catch a flight in San Francisco to Hawaii for a family vacation, said Schnitzer.

Bill Genetzka lives in Portland, but was in San Francisco on vacation this week. He saw the smoldering wreckage of flight 214 first hand.

I stayed right across the inlet at a small hotel and could see the plane, lots of flashing lights all night as they were doing their investigations, said Genetzka who managed to make it home Sunday afternoon.

Richika Sikri and her family flew to Portland from their home in San Francisco Sunday afternoon. They are excited to be vacationing in the Northwest, but say it was difficult taking off and seeing the wreckage still on the runway.

It's scary and I kept thinking about the tail hitting when we were landing here in Portland, said Sikri.

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