OREGON CITY, Ore. -- Two young sisters were hurt when they were struck by a car on an Oregon City street Thursday, police said.

The girls, 6-year-old Willa and 10-year-old Hadley Stewart, were struck at 10th Street and Main Street just after noon, said spokesman Brandon Paxton of Clackamas Fire.

Both girls were taken by ambulance to Oregon Health & Science University hospital. Willa (pictured above) suffered a broken clavicle and pelvis and several broken ribs. She was listed in serious condition.

Hadley was treated for a broken arm and released from the hospital Thursday night. Their 14-year-old sister was with the girls at the time, but she was not hit by the vehicle.

The driver, 86-year-old Monte Thoen of Milwaukie, was not injured. He stayed at the scene and talked with investigators, Paxton said.

I heard some screaming and yelling and I turned around, I saw the bodies fly around, said Thoen.

Real sorry that Idid that, he added. I got some of my own grandkids and Ijust hate to see little guys, little people like that get hurt.


The photo of Willa above was sent in by her father, who said she was in good spirits despite being in the crash.

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