SCAPPOOSE Someone tied up, shot and killed a dog four miles outside of Scappoose late Friday.

A neighbor passing through the area saw the dead dog and called animal control around 1:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

Animal control arrived and called the sheriff's office. Deputies said the Rottweiler and pit bull mix was tied up with several casings around its body. It appears the dog was shot with a shotgun, either late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

The dog was tied up to a gate post on an old logging road so that's unusual in and of itself, and we find it a little bit disturbing to find the dog just left there, so we definitely would be interested to talk with the owner, said Lt. Steve Alexander with the Multnomah County Sheriff s Office.

Neighbors who live on the other side of the road said they never heard the shots, but that this whole thing is really disturbing.

The dog did not have a micro-chip and there were no tags on it. The sheriff's office is now looking for the dog's owner and said it is a case of aggravated animal abuse.

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