BEAVERTON A woman was pulled over and given a $160 ticket for having her dog on her lap while driving in Beaverton Thursday.

Diane Martin was driving her husband to pick up his car that was being serviced in when she was pulled over for having her 9 lb. silky terrier Barney on her lap. She said the officer who pulled her over said it was unsafe and gave her the ticket.

I think it's ridiculous. I think it's ridiculous and Barney does too. He likes to have fresh air once in awhile and he likes to look out the window, and by golly, if he needs to get on somebody's lap to do it, but it's not always my lap. I'm a safe driver. I abide by the rules, Martin said.

But, KGW looked into it, and according to state law ORS 815.270, a person cannot operate a vehicle where something obstructs the driver, interferes with control of the driving mechanism and prevents the free, unhampered operation of the vehicle by the driver.

Martin said she wasn't distracted and plans to fight her citation in court later this month.

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