PORTLAND - The country's newest City Target in the historic Galleria is now in the final stages before opening this July.

Downtown Portland is host to one of six City Targets in the country. The finishing touches are being put on what's been called a citified-version of Target's regular stores.

It's the smallest City Target in the countryat 89,000 square feet. Even shopping carts are a bit smaller.

We're thinking of people who live and work in downtown Portland who need to make that stop in after work, who need to pick up toothpaste, shampoo maybe pick up dinner, spokesperson Erika Winkels said.

Local construction tradesmen and craftsmen worked on the re-construction of what is now a now a multi-level department store

City Target opens July 28th. It will take 200 full and part time workers. There will be a job fair at the Governor Hotel beginning May 31 through June 2.

KGWBusiness Reporter Joe Smith contributed to this report

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