VANCOUVER The 3-year-old girl who was attacked by a pit bull was discharged from Randall Children's Hospital Monday.

The pit bull attack left her with wounds to her face and neck.

The girl was rushed to a Portland hospital for surgery after being bitten by the dog at a home on Northeast 80th Avenue in Vancouver, according to the Clark County Sheriff s Office.

Deputies said the girl and her mom were visiting a man who lives in the home. The man told investigators the girl and dog had been getting along fine for most of the night, but it suddenly lunged at her, biting her in the face and neck.

Neighbors rushed over to help.

I heard screaming and saw--I m assuming--the mother of the little girl holding her daughter, just covered in the blood, said neighbor Anson Service. And they were on the phone with 911, saying that there had been a dog attack.

The dog was expected to be euthanized after the attack, the family of the victim said. The girl suffered severe injuries, but was expected to survive.

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