PORTLAND - Shaina Perkal is enjoying her very first home. She bought the Northeast Portland bungalow two weeks ago.

The one thing she doesn't like, is what her new home purchase is attracting to her mailbox.

It looks like two bills asking me to pay for records or deeds and it's very confusing, said Perkal.

Fortunately, she called her Realtor Patty Brockman before sending in the $89 and $87-fees.

When Shaina first contacted me I thought, 'oh my gosh, do not give these people any of your money, said Brockman.

That's because Shaina already has her deed. It's in that pile of paperwork home buyers sign at closing. The county also sends you a free copy of your deed in the mail, but that can take weeks or even months.

The two companies in question are called Records Recovery Services and Local Records Office.

Whats really tricky is the way these bills are presented, said Kyle Kavis with the Better Business Bureau. They have deadlines on them and tiny little disclaimers so its not clear and evident that it's just a solicitation.

Both companies share the same Salem address which we discovered is just two mailboxes inside a UPS store.

We've had a lot of trouble getting hold of anyone with the companies to answer these complaints, said Kavis.

Newschannel 8 called the two companies which would not allow us to record the conversation.

They did not answer our questions and Records Recovery Services has an F rating with the BBB for not responding to consumer complaints.

I've never seen this misleading billings before and put an alert out to my managing broker and we've also talked about it at sales meetings, said Brockman, who recently listed a house that got 39 different offers on it.

With the real estate market hopping again, there are a lot more first time buyers without the experience to tell what's a bill, from what's someone just trying to make a buck.

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