PORTLAND People braved long lines and hot weather at a church in Southeast Portland Saturday to turn in their guns to police.

I think it's a great way to get guns off the street and for people to make some money, said Craig Pullen.

He turned in four rifles and a BB pistol Saturday. In return he was given a slew of gift cards.

I'm not using them and figured I would get some gift card stuff and go to Fred Meyer and have fun, he said.

Sandra Dvergsdal was turning in a .22 long rifle she bought it at an auction in eastern Oregon.

My concern is that it would ever be stolen for some illicit purpose or to hurt somebody, she said.

The event was held by Cease Fire Oregon, Portland police, the Portland Mayor's Office and several other organizations.

All guns, working or not, were accepted with no questions asked.

The people are of an age where they don't feel safe around guns anymore for them anymore physically anymore to handle them or they've inherited the guns and they've never handled guns before, said Sgt. Tim Sessions with Portland police.

A group from Salem came to the event to try to buy the guns from people for cash.

Probably give them more depending on how valuable the weapon is, said Anthony Duncan who offered cash for guns. I bet you Remington and Winchester and all these other gun manufacturers didn't make their weapons for the American people to find out that it's going to be confiscated and destroyed.

Most people Saturday, however, wanted to get rid of their guns and were given a gift card for Safeway or Fred Meyer for up to $150.

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