WOODLAND, Wash. More than a dozen officers chased a thrill-seeking drunk teen in a high-speed chase on Interstate 5 near Woodland early Saturday morning.

It all started when a police officer saw a car swerving on Schurman Way just after 1 a.m. The officer thought he was pulling over a drunk driver who got on to Interstate 5 and tried to speed away, said Chief Rob Stephenson with the Woodland Police Department.

The driver was identified as a 14-year-old male and during the pursuit he swerved across all three lanes on I-5 and at times drove over 115 mph.

Police deployed spike strips, which caused the front tires of the car to deflate, but that didn t stop the teen. He continued driving as sparks sprayed across the interstate from underneath the car, Stephenson said.

Near milepost 48, the wheels had completely ground off the car causing it to come to a stop. When the teen was finally apprehended, he told police that he took his mother s car while she slept because he was bored.

He also said he didn t stop for police because he wanted the thrill.

He told police he had three drinks and was arrested for DUI and attempt to elude. He was booked in the Cowlitz County Juvenile Center.

The teen had a blood alcohol content of .062 and he also admitted to smoking marijuana before taking the car.

More than a dozen officers were involved in the chase.

The tow truck driver told police that in his 20 years on the job he had never seen a car with wheels and suspension ground down that far.

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