PORTLAND - Beekeepers are busier than bees this year, chasing down an unusual number of honey bee swarms.

It looks like the attack of the killer bees, explained Bill Ruhl, owner of Bee Control NW.

Ruhl said the honeybees are swarming looking for a new home.

They re hatching out 1,000 to 1,500 new bees every single day, so eventually you get crowded, said Ruhl.

Ruhl expects this year will be his busiest in his nearly 40-year career. He believes the bees are swarming much earlier because of the recent weather.

It s when we get a few days of rain and then it gets nice again, he said.

Last week, Jenna Cooper came home to find a swarm of honey bees attached to her U of O flag right outside the front door of her Northeast Portland home.

There were like, thousands of bees all over the duck flag, it was a crazy sight, Jenna said.

She called a beekeeper who came out and removed the swarm.

But Ruhl says the bees will likely swarm again in the next couple of weeks.

His advice: Seal up the cracks in your house to keep the bees out. And if you see a swarm, call in the experts to remove it.

And he cautions, while they may look scary, swarming honey bees will not sting you unless you try to hurt them first.

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