BRUSHPRAIRIE, Wash. -- A Portland couple walked away unhurt from a 1964 Cessna 150D that crashed early Sunday evening into the front yard of a Brush Prairie home.

Pilot Philip Allen was flying with his wife Penny. He was attempting to land at Brush Prairie Aerodrome when he lost control and his landing gear struck a fence, said Sgt. Tony Barnes of the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

No one in the home was hurt, but they said they were shaken by the sight of a plane crashing in the yard.

I saw the plane sort of bounce and I ran and came out, said Angela Congdon. And my neighbor was already helping the people out of the plane.

My children are expressing quite a bit of fear, Mark Congdon added. They are stressed out by it.

A rabbit hutch on the property was damaged, but the rabbits inside were not hurt.

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