LA MESA, Calif. -- A man dressed as the Easter Bunny was pulled over on a motorcycle by highway patrol near San Diego Saturday.

The man, who was riding a motorcycle with a side car, was getting plenty of attention from other drivers as he sped down the Interstate on his way to a charity event.

Unfortunately for him, CHP officer Adam Griffiths spotted him and pulled him over for not wearing a helmet and being a distraction to other drivers.

``Griffiths told him it was a serious situation and that it wasn't a joke,'' CHP spokesman Brian Pennings said. ``He explained to him the safety ramifications of not having a helmet.

Pennings said Griffiths radioed in I'm stopping the Easter Bunny.

Griffiths then told the giant bunny that``his outfit was a visual impairment, he was not able to be aware of his surroundings, and therefore he threatened his own safety, and that of others.''

The rabbit wasn't issued a citation by Griffiths. He was just given a warning. The man then put the rabbit head in the side car and left for his event.

Photo Credit: CHP

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