PORTLAND -- The Portland Timbers season is less than two weeks old and already they are playing one of their biggest games of the season in a road trip to Seattle for a showdown with the Sounders.

The Timbers have plenty of fan support for their first road game of the season. The timbers army organized a big trip up north with hardcore fans gathering Saturday morning at the Coliseum for the start of game day.

At least a dozen buses filled up with the Timbers faithful and each bus was sponsored by a


It s a rolling party. There s a keg in the back. Everyone shares food. Some buses have games. Some of them have bingo. Some have trivia. It's just a big rolling festival all the way up and pretty much a nap time on the way back. If we come back with three points this time, I think there will be a lot of wide awake eyes, said Timbers army member Brent Diskin.

The Timbers joined the MLS just two years ago; however, the rivalry with Seattle goes back four decades.

The rivalry is big for the teams and the hardcore fans, and when soccer fans hear the match-up of Timbers vs. Sounders, it gets the blood pumping.

The Timbers Army holds the Cascadia Cup, a symbol of superiority in the Northwest, which was created nearly a decade ago by supporters of the Timbers, Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps.

It s one of the most intense soccer rivalries in the United States, which prompted The Oregonian's Geoffrey C. Arnold to write a book that just came out called Cascadia Clash: Sounders versus Timbers.

The Timbers ruled the 2012 match-ups on the field, and the cup now resides at the Fanladen, the headquarters of the Timbers Army 107ist located near Jeld-Wen field.

The Timbers Army has 3,000 members and is still growing.

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KGW sports anchor Joe Becker contributed to this report.

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