PORTLAND -- The suspect in last weekend s deadly hit-and-run crash in Southeast Portland was charged in court Monday and the victims lone family member said she s devastated.

Paul Lawrence Knepper, 55, and his mother, Hazel Agnes Knepper, 90, died after that Saturday night crash near 28th Place and Gladstone Street.

Background: Deadly hit-and-run crash

Ellie Hawkins said the two were all that she had left, following her other brother s cancer death just three weeks ago.

I m the only one left of the immediate family. I mean, they re all gone, she said. I ve always been, everyone says, the strong one in the family, but I feel like wilted lettuce, I really do.

Investigators said a Cadillac SUV ran a stop sign and hit Paul Knepper s Toyota Corolla. Both he and his mother died at the scene.

Three people in the SUV fled on foot, but 29-year-old Daniel Troy Johnson, suspected of being the driver, was later taken into custody. Johnson now faces two counts of second-degree manslaughter and other charges including DUII.

Hes a coward. I mean, absolutely, that's very cowardly. He didn't even go over to check and see if there was anything he could do, Hawkins said. He should be put away because he's a danger to people.

A fourth person in the SUV, who remained at the scene, was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. The two others have not been found.

Along with jail time, anyone convicted in a deadly hit-and-run would lose their driver's license for five years. If the crash resulted in injuries, but no deaths, a driver would lose their license for one year.

But the State House just passed House Bill 25-42 Monday, which would mandate that anyone convicted of a hit-and-run resulting in an injury lose their license for three years. That bill will now move to the Oregon Senate for consideration.

(KGWreporter Mark Hanrahan contributed to this report.)

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