LINCOLN COUNTY, Wash. -- Three people are dead following a naval plane crash in Lincoln County, Wash., according to the Lincoln County Sheriff s Office.

The U.S. Navy said the jet was an EA-6B Prowler, which can hold two to four people. They did not confirm the number of passengers or their status.

The twin-engine aircraft was on a routine training mission when it crashed 50 miles outside of Spokane.

A volunteer firefighter in Davenport told the plane crashed between Harrington and Odessa, near the intersection of Coffee Pot Rd. and Duck Lake Lamona Rd. The Harrington City Clerk says their office has received an email stating the crash killed three people.

A witness said he heard an incredible boom around 8:30 a.m. Monday and saw a large plume of smoke.

Joel Cronrath said he went toward the scene and saw wreckage from the crash. Cronrath said he drives a bus, and often sees military fighter jets training in the area, performing difficult maneuvers. Cronrath said information he gathered from authorities on the scene is that three people died in the crash.

Authorities are keeping the media and neighbors about a mile away from the scene. Personnel said rocket launchers were on board the plane, but they believe they have yet to go off.

Stan Dammel, the manager of the Odessa airport, says he flew over the scene after hearing of the crash. He says all he could see was a charred spot on the ground with debris scattered. The U.S. Navy said a safety investigation will be carried out to determine the cause.

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