VANCOUVER, Wash. Yahoo! s new CEO is saying no to telecommuting for the company's employees, and some local telecommuters are saying they are glad they don t work for the Internet search engine.

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer reportedly feels having all employees work at the office will encourage more collaboration and creativity. So the company will end work-from-home arrangements by June, according to a company memo.

Kristi JeanBlanc works as a human resources recruiter for American Red Cross. She figures she is more efficient working from home, calling time zones to the east.

It s nice to be able to not have the commute and just roll out of bed and hit those times zones and not lose an hour because of the commute to Portland, said JeanBlanc.

Academics question Yahoo! s move to end telecommuting.

I was very surprised, it seems like a step backwards because, especially in the high-tech industry, it s a very standard, common perk, said Portland State University School of Business Professor Berrin Erdogan.

Erdogan said telecommuting allows employees work-life balance, and also promotes a feeling of autonomy that helps employees make good decisions and be more productive. She believes Yahoo! workers who currently telecommute will resent having the ability to work from home taken away.

JeanBlanc is glad her telecommuting job with American Red Cross is intact.

My family knows that when the door is closed, it is work time. But it s nice to be able to run downstairs and throw a load of laundry in and come back up and continue working. So you get a good balance for home and for work, she said.

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