PORTLAND -- She is the studded leather-wearing, purple afro-rocking, lead guitarist for Beyonce.

Bibi McGill wowed the crowd at the Super Bowl as she took the stage with the diva.

When you're waiting on the sideline, I'm like, 'This is it. There's no turning back,' said Bibi McGill, who calls Portland home.

It's a lot of adrenaline to the point that I thought I was going to come off the stage, she said.

After being on four world tours with Beyonce, McGill was not nervous to perform for billions of people.

I was just like, in the moment. I wasn't thinking about the crowd or how many people were watching. I'm just living my life and living my dream.

But that dream almost wasn't a reality. After spending years on tour with various artists, Bibi was burned out and ready to focus on something else.

I literally put my guitar down and said 'I'm not going to play anymore.

She just couldn't find the balance between the two worlds and chose to become a full time yoga teacher. That's until one call came in. She learned that Beyonce was putting together an all-woman band.

After two auditions, there was no turning back.

If I'm going to be given an opportunity, I'm going to make the most of it and shine my light.

She did that on Super Bowl Sunday.

I have the best of all worlds.

She is preparing for the next world tour with Beyonce later this year.

She also makes her own kale chips that can be found at local co-op grocery stores.

When in Portland, she teaches yoga at Root Whole Body.

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