BEAVERTON Investigators at the state crime lab said the vehicle that hit and killed Harley Rocher 10 days ago was teal or turquoise green.

Rocher, 18, was hit a week and a half ago on Beaverton s Laurelwood Road on his way home from a job at America s Tire Co. He had taken the MAX and then a bus and was walking to his girlfriend's home when he was hit.

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My son was such a responsible person. If he had done this, he would have taken responsibility, said Rocher s mom, Tammi Beers. I feel like the people that did this owe him that.

A vehicle that color that's got some damage to the passenger side -- we're hoping anybody who is familiar with that will call us and we can look into it, said Sgt. James Shumway with Beaverton police. In this case, we've kind of run dry . We do need a tip from the public.

Police believe the turquoise color was not the original color of the vehicle, and that it had been repainted.

Flowers, friends and family have brought Rocher s mom comfort. She doesn't feel anger she says, just sadness.

I feel sad for the person who did this, and if they don't come forward, they're going to have to live with this the rest of their life, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, Beers said.

Beaverton police said initially there were a few tips after Rocher was hit but none of those panned out. Now they're hoping news of the turquoise colored vehicle with passenger side damage will bring the break they need.

KGW reporter Cathy Marshall contributed to this report.

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