PORTLAND -- A tragedy on one of the world's tallest mountains claimed the life of a Lake Oswego man, family members told KGW Monday.

David Reinhart died while climbing Argentina's Aconcagua. His climbing partner, Eric Nourse, of Colorado, also died during the expedition.

Eric's twin brother, Greg Nourse, of Portland, survived.

They loved each other and they loved their families. That's what these guys were all about, said Craig Reinhart, who spoke to KGW by phone from Argentina. He described his younger brother as having a profound love for adventure.

The three friends, all experienced climbers, intended to summit the 22,841 peak. But according to their family, the group called home using a satellite phone late last week to report they were in trouble. David Reinhart had suffered altitude sickness and fallen behind.

Newspapers in Argentina report Greg Nourse left the group to go get help. The Portland man survived after climbing to a base camp. His twin brother, 41-year old Eric Nourse died on the mountain despite resuscitation attempts by rescuers.

David Reinhart had been missing. But according to his family, searchers in a private plane located his body. They determined that he was deceased, said Reinhart's brother.

David Reinhart was a managing director at Felton Properties, a corporate real estate company. In 2011, The Portland Business Journal listed Reinhart among their annual 40 under 40 .

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas. It is located in the Andes mountain range, in the province of Mendoza, Argentina.

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