SILVERTON, Ore. -- Magdalena Noelle Borne was born eight pounds, four ounces Wednesday at Silverton Hospital.

Her grandma, Kathy, was in the room, and so was her dad. He was watching by cell phone video.

I was glad that he was there. The experience was amazing for him to be there and it was important for me to know that he was watching it, said Tabatha Borne, the baby's mother.

Capt. Kyle Borne is an Army Reservist stationed in Afghanistan. He was unable to come home for Magdalena's birth, so Tabitha researched a hospital that would allow her to use the cell phone app FaceTime with her husband while his daughter was born.

Silverton Hospital was all for the idea.

They increased the bandwidth for the time that I was here to make sure I would have a better connection, and their IT department actually had me come out early to make sure that everything was working prior to my delivery date, Tabitha said.

And first-time mom Tabatha was prepared.

We had an arsenal of iPhones, iPads, laptops and a backup just in case the wireless did crash, which it didn't, she said.

Yeah, I cried a little bit. Just a little bit, Kyle said.

He got to be with his wife throughout her labor and witness his little girl enter the world.

I was still able to have a certain way of getting to be there for my wife, and getting to see my baby girl be born. I mean 'amazing' isn't really a good word to describe it, he said.

Now, Tabitha is getting her daughter used to her father.

It's just nice that he gets to hear her coos and she gets used to the sound of his voice, she said.

Now they're getting used to their family of three.

It was amazing, especially that first hour afterward because it was just the iPhone, 'Lena' and I together snuggled in bed, Tabitha said.

Tabitha is also an Army reservist and a 2005 graduate of McKay High School in Salem.

She came back to Salemto be with her family while Kyle is overseas.

She and Magdalena are staying with her mother before returning to Fort Riley, Kansas.

They will be there when Kyle comes home to Kansas next month.

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