VANCOUVER Police in Vancouver are ramping up efforts to keep streets in Washington safe, and with the recent legalization of Marijuana, they have a lot more to look out for.

Nearly three dozen officers were on patrol Friday night processing DUII drivers in a mobile command unit. While police can rely on traditional methods to detect alcohol, detecting impairment from marijuana is not as easy.

We don t have any x-ray glasses to look to see anything special. It s that level of impairment that other people can see that we see as well, said Sgt. Mark Crandall with Washington State Police. Maybe they have relaxed inhibitions. Maybe they re stumbling.

As the holidays approach, a lot more parties are happening and chances are more people will be drinking and driving.

Authorities in Washington urge those who are drinking or using marijuana to never get behind the wheel. Instead, designate a driver or call a taxi.

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