PORTLAND Another wave of a very wet storm system reached the Portland Metro area early Tuesday afternoon after several Flood Watch alerts were issued across the state -- but heavy rain was expected to end byWednesday.

The Oregon Coast was getting battered with not only rain, but also high winds.

Wednesday should see more dry than wet, according to forecasters.

The computer models keep most of the heavy moisture in the south valley and the south Cascades. That might help ease flooding concerns but for now we still have a Flood Watch in effect, KGW Meteorologist Nick Allard said.

It's still very windy at the coast and gusts in Newport and Astoria around 50 mph are not out of the question, Allard added.

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At higher elevations, the rain will mix with snow, bringing more fresh flakes to ski resorts in the Cascades.

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There will be a lot of rain and snow will follow, said KGWChief Meteorologist Matt Zaffino. He explained that the snow level will be around 7,000 feet on Tuesday and then it will drop after that. He said to expect fresh flakes to fall at the Mount Hood ski resorts every day for the rest of the week.

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The City of Portland issued a list of sandbag locations, in anticipation of possible street flooding. More:Tualatin sandbag locations

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Portland has received more than 15 inches of rain since mid-October. KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill explained that the current surplus of more than 6 inches is like having picked up an extra month's worth of rain. In other words, if Portland did not receive another drop of moisture until next year, we would still be above normal for the water year, he said.

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