PORTLAND -- On Thanksgiving night the moon was out and the shoppers were too.

Around six o'clock Thursday evening, two dozen people were lined up outside Toys R Us. Michelle Roberts and two of her kids were near the front of the line.

We're waiting in line for a camera for my son who is going on a mission, said Roberts.

A lot of people braved the chilly weather. At Target the Parra family was first in line.

We're all brothers, all the same age, like to hang out, said Melesio Parra. Why not do it in line and get some cool stuff.

Cool stuff is what Taesang Noh was in the market for. He and a friend lined up outside the Woodburn Company Stores outlet hours before they were set to open.

Iheard many people will be here and Iwant to be the first person, said Noh.

It was a fitting response on a night that saw the stores opening earlier than ever before. Long gone are the days of midnight openings. Black Thursday is the new Black Friday.

People don't get to eat at the regular time of four or five, said Willy Salgado. People have to eat earlier to get here earlier to get a good spot in line.

Michelle Roberts and her family ate their Thanksgiving feast on last Saturday so they could be at the head of the line outside Toys R Us. The doors opened at eight o'clock. Whether or not Roberts returns next year is up in the air.

We'll have to wait and see, depends on the deals, she said.

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