PORTLAND - Portland voters agreed to a record bond measure of $482 million to upgrade or rebuild several schools in the district.

Alameda Elementary in Northeast Portland holds 775 children, the most of any kindergarten through fifth grade school in Oregon. It will get some of the money to replace its roof. Principal Raady Lurie said work is expected to begin this summer.

The school will also get retrofitted to with stand earthquakes with a separate pot of money from the state.

Our community as a whole, the information about the seismic retrofit has been shared with families from day one of school and they are very thankful and appreciative that that work is going to be happening, he said.

The bond will also allow Portland Public Schools to gut and rebuild Grant, Franklin and Roosevelt high schools. Construction will begin in a couple of years, officials said.

Part of what I m excited about is, I think, the bond that passed last night has deep community ownership and reflects the priorities of this community, said Portland School Superintendent Carole Smith.

Faubion Elementary will also be rebuilt. Parents say there's not enough room inside.

Calley Dodero helps out with art class.

It s frustrating to be in there and want to do something and be, like, I guess we're gonna have to work outside on the playground and lay all this stuff on the ground and you know there's not enough plugs for my hot glue gun, said Dodero who has two children at the school.

Across the street from Faubion, Concordia University has promised to help pay for the rebuild. It may even move its school of education into Faubion.

We know, also in order for students to be successful they need to have access to the new things that new school buildings have. Those are things like technology, other resources, the library in the building is pretty dated and the technology is very limited, said Keylah Boyer from Concordia.

The exact rebuilding plans for Faubion and the high schools will be decided with public input over the next year.

Map: PPSschool construction plans

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