PORTLAND --The Presidential debate was the most tweeted about event in US political history, according to a twitter spokeswoman. Evidence of that could be found in North East Portland.

Through the glow of their cell phones ,and with their fingers typing feverishly, a group of voters came together to listen but also to be heard.

At the Hollywood Theater, viewers got real time social commentary from their peers in the room in what's being dubbed hecklevision.

Most of the comments are pretty comical but I'm more interested in what the candidates are saying, said Toby Roberts.

It was really interesting and great fun, added Tamara Markham.

It was the first debate of three for the President and Governor and the first time most PSU college freshman will vote. It was standing room only at a watch party on campus.

What I'm looking for tonight is moderation, instead of extremes on both ends of the spectrum, said freshman Bailey Thompson before the debate.

I had heard some good things about Obama helping out education and tuition costs, but I didn't know any solid facts which is why I came down here, freshman Jonny Castle said.

Many students say they still remain undecided and think it will take all three debates to make up their mind.

This is the most important debates in my lifetime, said junior Michael Garvin. But he admitted the debate doesn't necessarily determine the next President. We're going to see. This is round one.

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