If you re stumped when it comes to what to make for dinner, a woman who s been collecting and recommending recipes for more than 20 years could have the answer.

Foodday Editor Katherine Miller is behind the collection of more than 300 recipes in the newly released Oregonian Cookbook. Miller spent four months narrowing down the selections.

We had readers send their favorites from 30 years of columns and staff members recommended their top choices, she said.

Miller has been on the Foodday staff for 22 years and admitted that when she first started she wasn t much of a cook.

I practiced at night when I got off work and now I really enjoy being in the kitchen, she said.

Recipes have changed over the years in two basic ways, said Miller: Many busy families are looking for simple, quick to fix meals with just a few ingredients, and we re using more spices.

For a time-sensitive meal from the cookbook, Miller recommended a tuna, lemon and olive pasta dish.

It s not heavy but has a rich flavor and while you re cooking the pasta, you have enough time to make the sauce, she said.

For dessert, she said her favorite fall treat in the cookbook is a spiced pear skillet cake.

I love gingerbread and molasses and this has that wonderful combination, she said as she displayed the cake in the Oregonian kitchen where she tests recipes.

But don t let the fancy dessert fool you, Miller admitted there are nights even she doesn t feel like cooking.

People assume I eat great all the time but I m somebody at the end of the week that is happy to have a bag of Doritos and a glass of wine, she said with a smile.

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