VANCOUVER - October is National Anti-bullying month and a Vancouver Mom has a new campaign. It s a follow up to a series of photos called Beautiful as I am featuring women.

That campaign released on Facebook in August has amassed more than 3 million views. This past weekend Leslie Carpenter turned her lens on a group of men to shoot the Man as I am campaign.

You can be who you are and be proud of that, said Carpenter It doesn t matter if you wear earrings or have a long white beard.

The ten volunteer models in the photos range in age from middle school to mid 60s.

When I had the casting call, it was basically come one come all, remembered Carpenter. I had no idea what to expect, remarked model Bryce Black, I had seen the photo of the women and just knew I had to be part of it.

Black and the other models used paint to put words on their bodies. In red they wrote how they see themselves. In black the words represent how the world views them.

Chubby was a word I chose for my stomach. I don t have the six pack abs like I ve always felt I should have, said Black.

Model Noah Easton chose to paint a saying on his back.

Either correct yourself or you ll be corrected, he explained. It was said to me by someone I love very much and it still hurts.

The Man as I am photos have already been viewed 30,000 times in two days and have generated hundreds of Facebook comments.

They re saying thank you, I ve never seen anything like this before focusing on men, explained Carpenter.

Like the first campaign with women, she is making no money. Her only debt she feels is to her models.

It boggles my mind that you guys who have been through so much teasing are willing to put yourselves out there. You are heroes to me and to my two sons, Carpenter said as she hugged models Bryce and Noah.

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